I am a devoted Dad to one 9 year old, hiking boy. I am one of three Eagle Scouts that my parents produced. The woods have called me for over 30 years. Hiking, camping, and most especially backpacking are the activities I love most. I worked on staff at Camp Orr Adventure Base, BSA for 9 summers(1990-1997, and 1999). My position there ranged from basic scouting for the first year Scouts and Tenderfeet, to climbing, rappelling, caving, etc. It was my passion, but would never support me. Now, I work about 80 hours per week, including most Saturdays. So when I get outdoors, I try to make the most of it. Going lighter is my method for getting that done. The purpose for the blog is to reach out to others, namely newbies and scouts. To share the knowledge I have and am constantly gathering. I don't know the eventual direction for the site, but I'd enjoy it greatly if a 12 year old could make sense of it and put it to good use. If you would like to contact me, I can be reached by email at trailsavvy@gmail.com or on twitter: @Trailsavvy. Feel free. I'll always answer unless I'm on the trail.