My policy on gear reviews is to help people research their own gear by letting them know what I know. I'm not here to sell gear for any one manufacturer, nor to get rich by selling my soul. I have not received any considerations for my reviews. Neither gear nor money. If I (ever do) accept either gear or financial gain, I will be very clear about it in the post.
     Also, it needs to be understood that I will only review gear that suits my own purpose of lightweight or ultralight backpacking. The only time I would venture away from this policy is if a reader wanted my opinion about something. Unless noted, you can assume that this is the type of gear I would be using and recommending to others. Or, that I have used and want to warn others about(if negative).

Gear reviews:
     ULA CDT(frameless pack)

     Osprey Exos 46(frame pack)

     Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite (sleeping pad)

     Backcountry Boiler(wood burning stove)

     GoLite Shangri-La1(shelter)

     Gregory Z55(pack) By Jonathan "Turtle" Janacek

     Goosefeet Down Socks(sleep socks)

Site reviews: (discounted gear supply) gear supply---pending post)